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Windows 365 Enterprise - deployment tips and tricks

Windows 365 is a full PC in the cloud. It greatly supports the idea of hybrid work - from any place, anytime. While deploying Windows 365 business is just a few clicks, deployment of Windows 365 Enterprise can be a bit tricky, especially if you want access to both your on-premises AD DS resources and Azure AD resources. In this session, I will walk you through the most important steps you need to perform to successfully deploy Windows 365 Enterprise in your hybrid environment and have a secure connection to all required resources.

Damir Dizdarevic

Logosoft d.o.o.

Damir Dizdarević is a long-time and highly rated lecturer on almost all Microsoft and community conferences in the Eastern Europe region having over 22 years of IT experience, mainly with Microsoft platforms. Dizdarević specializes in Identity Management, MDM, Security, and Server Platforms. He is the author of numerous MOC courses in the field of server and cloud platforms, as well as professional articles in domestic and foreign magazines. He has been holding an MVP title for 14 years and since 2017. Damir is awarded as Microsoft Regional Director. Currently, he is working as the CEO of Logosoft d.o.o. Sarajevo is one of the largest IT companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He occasionally writes blog articles at dizdarevic.ba/ddamirblog.

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