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Windows Hello for Business Hybrid Access: How Does It Work Under The Covers?

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As weak, stolen, and cracked passwords are at the root of 80% of cybersecurity incidents, Passwordless has the potential to change the world. Under the covers, Windows Hello for Business, Microsoft's Passwordless solution, has already changed the authentication paradigm for Active Directory. Regardless of the device being domain-joined, hybrid Azure AD-joined, or Azure AD-joined, you can access organizational resources without specifying credentials. In this session, Sander Berkouwer, 13-time Microsoft MVP, explains how Windows Hello works in all three scenarios and what you need to get it going for your organization.

Sander Berkouwer


Sander Berkouwer calls himself an Active Directory aficionado and has done everything with Active Directory and Azure Active Directory… including decommissioning. Sander is an MCSE, MCITP, and MCT and has been a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) on Directory Services and Enterprise Mobility for the last 13 years. He is also a six-time Veeam Vanguard and triple VMware vExpert.