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I am a Project Manager. Is there a spot for me in Scrum?

I am Peter, a project manager, and I have been working in the company's PMO office for years. I manage the entire lifecycle of projects, from contract to delivery. I am accountable for project execution and communication with stakeholders. I manage the development team's work, distribute tasks to team members, and monitor their progress. I report to the board of directors. Now, my company is starting an agile transition and implementing Scrum. I am concerned about my carrier since there are no project managers in Scrum. From my perspective, the new process feels all too agile, with no long-term planning, monitoring, and reporting. I am not sure that I will like Scrum. Will I lose my job? Or is there a place in Scrum where I could fit in and make the best use of my current knowledge and experience? Could I maybe keep on working as a project manager outside Scrum? Join us in this session and help Peter find the right spot for him in Scrum!

Ana Roje Ivancic

Agilist IT Ltd

Ana is a DevOps Consultant and Azure DevOps specialist (ex VSTS/TFS) with 15+ years of experience in professional software development. She believes that the right combination of agile practices and integrated tools can help software development teams achieve continuous value delivery for their customers. Ana frequently speaks at various local and international industry conferences and regularly delivers training workshops. Microsoft has awarded her as an MVP for Developer Technologies. She is a licensed Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) at Scrum.org and holds several Microsoft development and Scrum certifications.  

Ognjen Bajic

Agilist IT Ltd.

Ognjen Bajic is a DevOps Consultant, Professional Scrum Trainer, and Coach with over 20 years of experience in professional software development. Specializing in Microsoft ALM/DevOps tools, he worked with Team Foundation Server (TFS) and later with Azure DevOps since 2004. Ognjen helps teams and organizations adopt agile tools and practices, automate and optimize their development processes and achieve excellence in continuous delivery and DevOps. In his work with teams, focusing on all three aspects of DevOps, people, processes, and tools, he helps them successfully deliver high-quality software often. Ognjen has been speaking extensively at various local and international conferences. He has been awarded by Microsoft as an MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for Visual Studio and Development Technologies annually since 2006. He also holds several Microsoft development, project management, and Scrum certifications.