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Blocks within a chain

Predavanje je v angleškem jeziku.

Blockchain has been with us for a long time, and in many segments of human activities, it has proven to be the technology of the future. Security, elimination of intermediaries, and complete data history fascinate even those who live technology every day. However, the entrenchment of traditional application solutions guarantees that connecting and/or transitioning to new infrastructure will be anything but simple. Taking into account the fact that in the near future, it will become our everyday life, this presentation will present the basic concepts of developing Blockchain applications, smart contracts, and how to connect them with existing application infrastructures.

Denis Mušić

Faculty of Information Technologies

Denis Mušić works as an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Information Technologies (Dzemal Bijedic University, Mostar). He teaches courses related to programming and principles of software development in general. He gained extensive experience in developing projects related to Health care information systems, eUniverstity services, and as a consultant for private companies. Denis owned MVP title, started one of the most popular coding competitions called FIT Coding Challenge (cc.fit.ba), prepared courses published by the MVP-Press, and is a very active member of the local MS community.

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