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Cloud-native approach to Enterprise Business Scenarios

Predavanje je v angleškem jeziku.

Discover how to help customers simplify and accelerate their journey toward app modernization using Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), GitHub, managed Azure databases, and much more. We can provide you with firsthand experience running several projects to help customers optimize their business life cycles.

Tadej Bajc

Comtrade SI d.o.o.

As a Microsoft consultant, I’ve experienced almost every Microsoft technology and brought it to life with a successful story. These days, my main focus is Microsoft Cloud, helping customers understand and implement their services in the modern workplace.

Dušan Jovičić

Comtrade SI d.o.o.

Software Engineer experienced in working with cloud solutions with the main focus on development and software architecture. Successfully implementing and maintaining various types of applications: mobile, desktop, and web. Focused on new technologies which include microservices, chatbots, and artificial intelligence. Enjoying sharing knowledge and mentoring, proactively looking for new opportunities and ideas.