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nedelja, 24. september 2023

Accelerated Compute Infrastructure for AI and HPC workloads with Supermicro solutions featuring the NVIDIA® H100 GPU I Supermicro

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping our daily lives, driven by evolving Al technologies and cutting-edge GPU infrastructure, exemplified by the ground-breaking NVIDIA H100 Tensor Cores GPUs.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) affects many aspects of daily life, whether we know it or not.

This advancement of Al technologies, both in hardware and software, continues to evolve, with new and more enabling products being released constantly. Underlying and supporting these new Al applications is the sophisticated accelerated compute infrastructure that powers systems, storage, and networking creating new user experiences in every part of the market. Central to the infrastructure is the latest generation of GPUs (the hardware at the core of many Al solutions) which advance what is possible for Al implementations and high-performance computing applications. For example, with the architecture of the latest GPUs, multiple numeric formats are available for specific types of calculations that can be executed in parallel for a tremendous performance increase.

The NVIDIA H100 Tensor Cores GPUs are a significant step forward in the evolution of GPUs. With the performance of up to 30 times' over the current NVIDIA A100 GPU, innovative Al applications that were previously not possible will now function perfectly, reducing Al training times significantly. In addition, HPC applications are anticipated to run up to 7X compared to previous generations using the NVIDIA A100 GPUs.

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