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sreda, 13. september 2023

Revolutionizing Data Warehousing, Analytics, and Reporting: What Lies Ahead I Cloud services Worldwide

In the digital age, data and analytics are crucial for businesses, enabling them to collect, process, and uncover valuable insights to enhance operations and make strategic decisions.

On an operational level, data-driven analyses allow companies to pinpoint inefficiencies, streamline processes, and optimize resource allocation. This translates to improved productivity, reduced costs, and enhanced customer satisfaction. 

Moreover, data analytics provides a solid foundation for strategic decision-making. By uncovering trends, patterns, and correlations within data, businesses can forecast market shifts, assess risks, and identify growth opportunities. Data enables proactive rather than reactive strategies, giving organizations a competitive edge in fast-paced markets. 

However, harnessing the power of data and analytics necessitates a robust technological framework, skilled personnel, and a commitment to data privacy and security. As organizations continue to recognize the significance of data-driven insights, the synergy between data, analytics, and decision-making will remain a linchpin of success, steering businesses toward innovation and prosperity. 


The analytics challenges encountered by companies reveal several primary customer pain points: 

Slow Reporting Performance: Many customers need help reporting services' performance and slow reporting speeds, impeding efficient decision-making 

Data Source Integration and Automation: Integrating data sources and scheduling automated data refreshes pose challenges, leading to delays and hindering up-to-date insights 

Modern Warehouse Demands: Customers seek solutions that enable the creation of modern data warehouses, integrating diverse data sources and facilitating reporting through visualization tools 

Cost Concerns: Pricing comparisons with SQL, Oracle, Snowflake, and other competitors highlight Synapse's competitive cost advantage, addressing customer budget constraints 

Easy Source Integration: The ease of integrating new data sources is a common pain point, affecting efficient data management and comprehensive insights. 


These customer challenges align with the broader industry difficulties, including the relentless growth of data volume, the need to rapidly adapt to new data sources, and the imperative of accurate and timely data analysis and reporting. Synapse's services address these pain points directly, offering customers a holistic solution that overcomes their analytics obstacles and enhances their business operations. 


Our approach to addressing these challenges has been highly effective. Over the past five years, we've leveraged the capabilities of Azure data and analytics services technologies to provide comprehensive solutions. Here's how we've helped our customers: 

Centralized Data Integration: We consolidate all data sources into a single, organized platform, ensuring seamless integration and eliminating data silos. 

Enhanced Data Performance: Our solutions significantly improve data performance, reducing processing times from days and hours to mere minutes. 

Seamless Power BI Integration: With native integration to Power BI, our offerings facilitate streamlined and efficient data visualization and reporting. 

Remote Accessibility: Our solutions enable access to reports from anywhere, a precious feature during the year of remote work, providing convenience and ensuring continuous operations. 

Our strategy involves investments in scalable infrastructure, adaptable integration solutions, and cutting-edge analytics tools. By skillfully navigating the complexities of data management and extraction, we empower businesses to fully exploit the potential of their data, resulting in strategic and operational excellence. With our help, clients have successfully overcome obstacles by harnessing the capabilities of Azure's data and analytics service technologies. 


Who are Cloud Services? 

Сloud Services is a CSP 1-tier cloud-native provider of Azure cloud professional and managed services serving customers in Europe, the UK, and Central Asia. Founded in Ukraine in 2009, it operates offices in Kyiv (Ukraine), Tallinn ( Estonia), and Ljubljana (Slovenia).  

One of the main streamlines in the company is Analytics on Azure. You can find some public cases with our clients here: Revenue Grid, Borjomi, and Air Astana

The first scaling on the euro markets was during Covid, and the second - was at the beginning of the war in Ukraine in 2022. In 2022, despite the war, Cloud Services has hosted 100+ deep-dive Azure-related technical workshops for blue-chip enterprise customers, mid-size companies, and ISVs and initiated and managed tens of customer pilots using Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Stream Analytics, Event Hub, Apache Spark, and Azure Databricks.  

The basic scenarios of deploying Data&Analytics Azure services:  

  • Build highly scalable and productive data warehouses from scratch 
  • Migrate from a legacy like SQL Server, SAP IQ, Clickhouse, and others on Azure Synapse Analytics 
  • Modernize analytics using Azure Synapse and build the reports on Power BI, operationalize integration pipelines, and deploy DevOps 
  • Consulting for adopting modern Data Warehousing technologies.  


Frequently used Azure services in customer architectures are Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Factory, Power BI, Azure Stream Analytics, Event Hub, Azure Key Vault, and others. Partner also actively uses Azure DevOps, various Azure solutions (Azure Monitor, Azure Security Center, Azure Sentinel, Azure Arc), and Microsoft Purview for data governance.  

Analytics has always been our top priority due to our keen interest in data. However, with the introduction of Microsoft Fabric, we recognize that this is the opportune moment to shift our focus toward this game-changing and transformative product.  

The buzz around Microsoft Fabric is entirely justified, given its many advantages to businesses such as one product, one experience, one architecture, and one business model; every aspect, from networking applications, is meticulously managed by Microsoft, a comprehensive data analytics platform encompassing well-established Azure functionalities, including Azure Data Factory, Data Explorer, and Apache Spark. 

There are just a couple of benefits, but much more information will be presented at the NTK conference within two lectures, " Evolution of Cloud Data Warehousing with Microsoft Fabric " and " Intro to Microsoft Fabric, its Components and architecture " by Andrew Dakhov, a Managing Partner in Cloud Services, a technical enthusiast, and a data architect focused on analytics with over 15 years in technology. 

If you are a business leader who wants to learn about innovations in data analytics and understand cases, how it was done by others, what results they have, and how technology can help your business get valuable insights, it is crucial to visit both lectures! 

We will wait for you and see you soon!

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